Saturday, 8 October 2016

Harry Potter Was So Rich, It's Knuts!

It's true, Harry Potter had his share of issues. Like, you know, growing up dealing with the Dursleys, his constant near-death experiences at Hogwarts, a target on his back from the greatest Dark Lord of all time, and, well, pretty much the weight of the wizarding world on his shoulders since birth. If it was any consolation . . . Harry Potter was loaded. A Reddit thread recently broke down the exchange rate between muggle money and wizard gold, and based on the findings, we learned: Harry, the high-rolling boy wizard, could have been wiping his tears of anguish with all the galleons stored in his Gringotts vault, the Weasleys were truly struggling to make ends meet, and the cost of butterbeer  \
capped from yahoo


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