Sunday, 12 February 2017

5 Ways To Know If You’re S3xually Compatible With Your Partner

Many married couples have issues because they are not s3xually compatible with each other. The husband might have a low libido while the libido of the wife is high. The husband might love doggy style while wife might find it utterly disrespectful and that’s how disrespect and pent up anger would start. The wife would be cutting orange and the husband would say she’s cutting the orange too loudly and he’d slap her and people would be wondering if he’s mad but he’s just sexually frustrated that he can’t give his wife doggy because she won’t allow him.

That’s by the way, here are 5 basic signs to know if you and bae are sexually compatible

1. YOU ENJOY THE SAME STUFF: So you have the same hobbies but when it comes to bondage your partner  isn’t down for it. That isn’t s3xual compatibility. When it comes to bed a s3xually compatible couple is into the same kinks in bed. The two of you are open and willing  to try out some fantasies or the other. The important thing is that you both enjoy the same things in bed.

2. YOUR VIEWS ON S3X VALUE TALLIES: This is when you have the same views on how important s3x is in the relationship. For example your partner doesn’t value the role of s3x in your relationship the same way that you do, your partner wont make the same effort in making the act special. This means your partner makes time for it and also prepares for it, takes out the champagne and grapes once in a while and makes sure that you also cum.

3. THE S3XUAL ANATOMY ALSO TALLIES: Sexual chemistry is also about sexual anatomy. How you fit together physically. Too small,too wide, too tight, too tall, too big, too short, etc. All play a big role on how compatible you are. If you dont fit well and keep having awkward and painful positions, then s3x becomes something you dread or are embarrased about. However if things just feel physically perfect, then cool for you.

4. YOU’RE CONTENT WITH ONLY THEM: If you have decided to be exclusive to each other then a sign of s3xual compatibility is you don’t imagine having s3x with anyone else. Whether thats a sign of true love or not the thing is, you’re s3xually compatible if you are that satisfied. You just want to keep doing it over and over in any which way with the same person.

5. AND YOU’RE ALSO VERY COMMITTED: You have the same point of views when it comes to who you want to sleep with, like if you want to sleep with other people or if you’ll keep things monogamous. At least you’re honest about with other and have managed expectations in the relationship. Aside from this you also have similar definitions of what you call cheating.



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