Thursday, 23 February 2017

How often should couples have s*x?

For the newly married, s*x is almost unpredictable, as the frequent, spontaneous s*x that happens in honeymoon and during the subsequent weeks after marriage is said to be the new couple’s ways of getting to know each other and adjusting to their new status.

For older couples, however, the situation may be a lot different, as the family may have grown, and both partners have settled down to the realities of life, which can sometimes push s*x to the back burner if couples don’t make conscious efforts to rev up things occasionally.

While experts agree that daily s*x is virtually impossible for most busy people, they also warn that more s*x isn’t necessarily a proof that all is well with a relationship.

S*x experts say that typically, most couples will only find the time to have s*x once a week; while some research suggests that happier couples have s*x three to four times a week.

But the question remains: how often should couples have s*x?

Except in situations where couples are trying to achieve pregnancy, a 2016 study by some American scholars suggest that couples who had s*x four or more times a week weren’t any happier than those who did it weekly.

They are of the view that not having s*x daily allows you to find a time when both of you are feeling relaxed enough to become aroused.

“The longer you go without s*x, the more the pressure is on to have s*x for longer next time,” the researchers advise.

The bottom line: The only question you really need to answer is this: Are you both happy with the amount of s*x you’re having? If the answer is yes, you’re doing just fine.



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