Sunday, 12 February 2017

How To Make Fruit Infused Water (Naija Style)

Fruit infused water is always the rave when people are looking to reset their systems when they have over done it. I am certain a lot of us ate some things we should and shouldn’t have eaten over the holidays. What are the holidays for if we do not indulge a little bit. No matter how much indulging we do, It is important to cleanse your system afterwards.
I have been drinking fruit infused water to help cleanse my system but also replenish some lost vitamins. Some of my favorite fruits were included in the water bottle but I also made sure they had detoxification properties as a cleansing plan is
useless if you use the wrong ingredients. Tossed the fruits in the bottle, poured in a generous amount of water, shook it and placed in the fridge to settle.
Ideally, you should allow to sit between 2- 8 hours before drinking. That way there is an appropriate amount of time that the fruits has released its juices and would allow for it to cleanse your system. I usually keep replacing the water till the fruits are exhausted then i replace the fruits. By exhausted, I mean that all the juices have been drained from the fruits. Will you be trying it and what fruits will you be using?
Many people have fruit infused water recipes here are some you can use;
– Watermelon, mint leaves, cucumber
– Lemon, cucumber, ginger, berries
– Pineapple, mango, mint, cucumber
– Grapefruit, apples, ginger, watermelon
– Paw Paw, mango, lemon, cucumber
– oranges, lemon, mint, cucumber, ginger
– tangerines, pawpaw, ginger, mint, watermelon
Recipe inspired by Afrolems


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