Sunday, 12 February 2017

Risk Involved In Refilling Your Plastic Bottle After First Use

Evidently our body need more than 1 liter, But do you want to spend a few bucks for a new bottle every moment you are finished with one? I don’t think so!

Everybody knows that we all use plastic bottles more than often. But this article by peanut daily is not worthless because here is what you should know that why you should not refill your plastic water bottle.

Your water bottle must be having with thousands of bacteria because of moisture. According to the scientists, the ridges and tiny cracks in plastic bottles can harbour dangerous germs, such as norovirus.
The claims have come out from a few surveys. The study also suggests that drinking water from a used plastic bottle is almost like licking a toilet seat. Reusing plastic bottles can also cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
What if I wash it?
Washing the bottles can keep the bacteria away, but for a while, plus bottles are difficult to clean properly and germs can still build up. Also frequent usage and washing of the bottle can cause the breakdown of the plastic.
Then which ones to use?
Straw top and stainless steel bottles are considered the healthiest of all.



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