Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Simple Homemade Step To Whiten Your Teeth

A smile is said to be one’s best introduction. This is why all of us desires to have white and neat pearls.

The primary step is, of course, keeping a healthy oral hygiene, but when it comes to going the extra mile, there is an easy remedy you can employ.

See how you can clean your teeth quickly, using this simple, efficient and potent method. You will just need a couple of very simple and highly available ingredients you can find in your store: baking soda and lemon.

Take a bowl and add a tablespoon of baking soda in it
Cut the lemon in two halves
Squeeze the lemon and get a tablespoon of lemon juice

Add the lemon juice to the container with the baking soda and mix the ingredients
Take a napkin

Use the napkin to take the mixture out of the bowl and apply it to your teeth, making sure you apply it to each of them

Wait for two minutes so that the remedy can work
Rinse your mouth and the teeth well and get the result you expected. Take a look in the mirror and notice how your teeth have become whiter.

Point to remember is that you should not repeat this procedure too often and abuse its benefits, as you can generate wear on your teeth enamel. Best use it occasionally before a social outing or a date.



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