Thursday, 23 February 2017

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Monthly Period Blood Smells Bad!

A woman’s monthly period can be obnoxious, painful and create a lot of hassle not to mention the mood swings it causes before and after. Aside from that, periods can have an awful smell which can affect your confidence.

But do you know that you should be paying attention to the smell of your period as it says something about your body? Here are some of the reasons for that foul smell!

1) pH Balance
Monthly Period increases the pH level in your body, making your blood less acidic. This causes bacteria to form which results to bad smell.

  2) Bacteria
This is the most obvious cause of the bad smell and is due to the presence of fungus in the uterus lining. During menstruation, the uterus sheds its lining together with the fungus which would higly results to foul smell.

3) Moisture Retention
The vagina gets extra moisture during menstruations which cause the fishy smell in your period.

4) Air Blockage
This is due to the sanitary and tampons which blocks the moisture further resulting in bad smell.
The solution? A good shower during your period can eliminate the odor. Also, make sure to wash your genitalia with feminine wash to kill the bacteria


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