Tuesday, 7 March 2017

4 Relationship Killers You Must Avoid At All Cost

Love is a beautiful thing when you are in love with the right person but the truth is at times it doesn’t last long and most times you are to blame for your relationship breakup. There are some little things you may be doing unknowingly that are destroying your relationship, below are some relationship killer you need to stay aways from.

Jealousy: We all have that jealousy trait in us but when you are constantly suspecting your partner you are unknowingly killing your relationship, your lack of trust for your partner may eventually push them out. Jealousy can lead to insecurity and anger towards your partner.

Negativity: Being negative about everything or situation can cause harm to your relationship because no one wants to be around someone with a negative mentality. Everyone want that person that have a positive attitude and mindset towards everything and can encourage and make them feel good. “Negative behaviour will dampen the passion in your relationship”, so be positive all the time.

Comparison: We all hate when we are being compared to someone else, so never ever compare your partner to someone else. Celebrate your partners’ uniqueness because we are all unique in our own ways. Criticising your partner’s body type all the time drains their sense of security and belonging and they start feeling insecure.

Laziness: Everything in this life takes work even relationships, if you want your relationship to work out well you will need to invest your time and energy to nurture the growth of your relationship. Show care to your partner and appreciate one another, always keep your relationship in mind and take action everyday to grow and strengthen your relationship.



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