Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Teeth Strong And Healthy

Teeth are the most important bones existing in our mouth vary in shape and size and do many different jobs.
Teeth help to give the face its shape and also help in chewing and digesting food, also help us to talk and pronounce different sounds clearly. If the teeth are strong, healthy and white they make your smile sweet.

Here are some tips to keep your teeth healthy and strong.
The simple way to keep your teeth, white, healthy and strong, is brush twice a day and flossing twice a day, rinse your mouth after eating and use a mouth at least once daily and buy a proper tooth brush with small head and soft bristles or filaments because small head brush can reach into all parts of the mouth and you should change your tooth brush after two or three months and if the filaments become worn you can change it sooner.

To get healthy teeth and gums you should consume lots of calcium and you can find calcium by taking low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, almonds, green leafy vegetables, sardines, dairy products and milk. You also need vitamin D to absorb calcium and vitamin D is obtained from fluid milk, fatty fish, margarine, rice beverages and sun is also an excellent source of vitamin D. you need also plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamin A and C and for chewing in order to promote healthy gums.

You should avoid sugary food, sweat drinks, snacks and sticky food that lodge between the teeth. Sugary
food is the main cause to give birth to bacteria in our mouth and these bacteria make acids which soften and wear away enamel of the teeth.

 Enamel is the surface of the teeth and it prevents teeth from decay and bacteria damage the enamel badly. Enamel can be wear down if your brush is too hard so take the brush with soft bristles and move your brush forth and back in short gentle strokes about the distance of one tooth.

Fluoride makes your teeth more resistant to acids that come from bacteria in the mouth or from sugary and sticky foods. So we should use because fluoride strengthens enamel and helps to repair the early stages of tooth decay. Rinsing with a fluoride mouth wash can also help to protect cavities and make your enamel strong. American Dental Association ADA calls fluoride calls “nature’s cavity fighter” and recommends fluoride tooth paste as soon as the first tooth appears and throughout the life.
Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth moist and clean because saliva fights the effects of acidic food saliva also helps to wash away bits of food and bacteria that can produce cavities.
You should visit your dentist after every six months for checkup and cleaning and he will guide in taking the right amount of fluoride to harden and protect the enamel and he will tell you about the need of fluoride by taking fluoride supplements or mouth washes


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