Thursday, 6 April 2017

23 Life Peaks That Beat Orgasms.

Ladies, we've all experienced orgasms before. That whole tingly sensation that takes over your body? I mean, don't get us wrong, it's amazing and all but what about life's little known climaxes that are just as good if not WAY better? There are TONS of things that give us that same orgasmic feeling. Boys better be worried. Here are 23 life peaks that beat orgasms.
1. The bar of galaxy you find by accident

There's nothing more satisfying than randomly finding an unclaimed chocolate bar amongst all your clutter. Feel good endorphins never let us down.
2. The post-workout sweat

After running 5K and sweating your ass off doing mountain climbers, lunges and deadly burpees YES the feeling is UNDENIABLE.
3. Graduation day

Screw the stage fright (from tripping on your four inch pumps) shaking your chancellor's hand on stage for the first time is one of the most satisfying feelings you'll ever get. Now you can say it's finally over and really mean it.
4. Using your holiday

That feeling you get on your last shift at work just before you jet off to some hot tropical island somewhere far, far away.
5. Waking up on a Saturday morning

And realising you don't have to be anywhere. The feeling of snuggling back into your duvet and drifting back to sleep is the most blissful feeling ever.
6. A girl’s night out

The high of a ridiculous yet AMAZ-ing night out with the gals with NO boy drama, free drinks and lots of drunken stories to tell the next day. Those are the best nights.
7. Wrapped up in bed watching Netflix

and not having a care in the world. Heaven on earth.
8. A Full English breakie

A proper English breakfast with fresh cumberland sausages, black pudding and mushrooms on the side. Perfection, everyday, all day.
9. Masturbating

And getting there in a matter of minutes. Also the bonus of not having to worry about what faces your pulling, if you've shaved and NO BODY but yourself.
10. Going pee after holding it in

Taking a wee after absolute BURSTING. The pressure release = incredible.
11. Crisp clean sheets

Jumping into bed with crispy clean sheets that are as soft as anything and still smell glorious. (Even better when they're warm from the drier.)
12. When you know your BF adores you

Catching him admiring you and knowing that you're truly special to him. s
13. The second your plane lands

The second your plane touches foriegn soil and you know you've survived the journey. The holiday begins NOW!
14. Getting a bikini wax...

....and feeling like a new person when you leave. Au naturel? No this is freedom.
15. When your BF compliments your cooking

When your BF takes his first bite of the meal you cooked him and makes that OMG 'this is delicious' face.
16. Drinking ice cold water

Like you've been deprived of it for days. Usually, after a kick ass work out.
17. Getting your tastebuds back

Getting your sense of taste back after a really nasty cold or after badly burning your mouth and getting pizza flap.
18. Laughing like crazy

Going out with the girls or spending down time with the boyf and laughing so hard your tummy hurts.
19. Indulging into something you really shoudn't

Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies? Warm camembert cheese? Hot french bread soaked in butter. We've just died and gone to heaven.
20. Kissing your partner...

and feeling like this moment couldn't be more perfect.
21. A really hot shower

That feeling of serenity you get when shutting off the world and standing under a steaming hot shower. Works every time.
22. Getting back from a night out...

... kicking your heels off and setting your toes free!
23. Checking your balance

And realising you had WAY more than you thought you did. Life is good.


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