Saturday, 17 June 2017


Are you Really fasting???

 Are you Really fasting???

A few young men saw an old man eating a sandwich in a secluded place.
They went near him and asked, "Mr, why aren't you fasting?"

The old man replied, "What do you mean? I am fasting! I just eat and drink water."

The young lads laughed and asked, "How can you fast in such a manner?"

The old man replied, "Its simple, I don't lie, I don't abuse or slander anyone, I don't backbite, I don't hurt anybody, I am not jealous of anyone, I protect my eyes from watching haraam, I do my duties and fulfill my responsibilities honestly and I refrain from eating haraam. But because of a disease, I'm not allowed to refrain from food and water."

The old man then asked the youth, "Are you fasting too?"

With heads hanging down, one of them replied in a barely audible voice, "No, we just don't eat food."

Ask yourself: "Are you too really fasting this Ramadan?"


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