Sunday, 30 July 2017

A tale of addiction n love -- Poem

Voracious smoker,
Excessive Drinker,
Red burning bulgy eyes,
Black thick lips,
Treble voice that sends tremor to the spine,
Heavy steps that shakes the hardest floor,
Approaching him with my calm eyes,
Touching his hard skin with my soft palm,
Agape I became,
As he lights the next spliff,
Puffing some smoke on my Mary kay face,
Looking into my eyes n hoping I say something,
But what other words are you expecting my dear?
After I have spoken in the language of love,
How else do I preach to the one I love?
How do I say this will damage your system?
When he is a king in Anatomy,
How do I put a stop to your madness?
How do I help with your addiction?
How do I speak with conviction?
Giving adduce to why you should stop,
How do I save you from your doom?
In what language do I make my words obtrude your thoughts?
Let me be your new addiction, dear Moonlight


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