Saturday, 8 July 2017


The careless lover

 Episode 3
David walk up to us and asked us were we live
,we told him our various houses and he offer
to drop us off,his driver came and we all got
into the car, on our way home we talked about
a lot of things,I finally got to my destination
and bade them goodbye.
I got home by 4:15, did my assignment before
going to the kitchen to help mom prepare
dinner. we all ate dinner together that evening
before retiring to the parlour to watch a
movie,at 9pm I went to bed but sleep couldn’t
come,I started thinking of what happened
between I and David at school,the way he
looked at me,the way he smile at me,l think I
am beginning to fall in love,I said to myself as I
ly down to sleep.
The next day at closing of school when the
three of us are on our way home,David asked
us for a change of phone numbers, he told us
that he would like to be reaching us at home.
Sonia didn’t hesitate to give him her number
but i couldn’t give him mine because I don’t
have a phone, I could see the look of
disappointment on his face when I told him
that I don’t have a phone, he offered to get me
one but I decline and told him I will get one
myself because i don’t want him to think that I
don’t have a phone because of money.
I got home that day very angry with my parents
for not getting me a phone,they bought my
brother a phone immediately he passed the
common entrance examination and was about
going into secondary school,why will mine be
different,that day I promised myself that I will
do everything possible to have a phone of my
own because I want to be chatting with David at
home as well and I also don’t want him to get
too close to Sonia.
I slept off after thinking of a way to asked my
parents for a phone but I could not think of
anything, I woke up by 5:30pm,did my
homework and quickly went to the kitchen to
help mom with dinner. After dinner I decided
to go to dad room to talk to him about getting
me a phone,I went to his room and met him
working with his laptop. Dad has always been
busy with work and that is why he lift home
early before we all wakes up and comes home
late at times ,sometimes I couldn’t help but
wonder why dad couldn’t just take a break
sometimes because he is the owner of the
Dad was so happy when he saw me in his
room, he quickly asked me to sit down. I sat
down and we spoke about some other things,
after some few minutes I decided to tell him
the reason for coming,I was so scared at that
moment because I knew dad to be very harsh
at times but I quickly waved and told him the
reason I came to see him but you won’t believe
what dad told me.

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