Sunday, 30 July 2017

Mr Smoothie (POEM)

guy flirting with girl
Words of dishonesty,
Faithful lies are all you utter,
Pretentious handsome dude,
A slacker in all shades,
Politely speaking with such insouciance,
Telling them tales of your fake awesomeness,
Preaching the word of love when you have none to offer,
The shape of her hips,
Her moist red lips,
Those are the only things that drives you nut,
Taking you on your worthless journeys,
But wait!!! Mr Smoothie,
Your word of lies can now be kept in your pockets,
Walk away with your head high as you do,
Because she has gained immunity to your words,

Hey, Mr Smoothie,  she grew resolved relatively smarter than she used to be.

Alawaye Mariam

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