Sunday, 30 July 2017

Oh Beautiful Creature (POEM)

oh beautiful creature
Step by step she moves with elegance,
Her radiance is in competition with the sun,
Her beautiful smile could heal pains,
Lightning up weary faces with her fairy lights,
With her shoulders high, call her soi.gnee,
Her blue eyes be preaching the word of love,
Dressed in modesty but her beauty cannot be covered,
Her jaunty smile shows she is at peace with herself,
Even the grandee of all accord her with nobility,
Compare her to a perspex, but she is a glass,
With beauty that can be compared to none,
Keep on shining like you always do, oh beautiful creature!!!

To every lady out there, never allow anyone make you feel less... 
You are beautiful!!! Yes you are... Fat, thin, round, square...Listen!!! 
God made you with His own hands n He makes no junks......You are beautiful

What do you think 
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