Thursday, 6 July 2017


Even with the relaxed pace of life,  
Which comes atimes with grief and sadness,
Even with the sea breeze and refreshing air,
They still feel the fire burning deep down.
The joy of life leave unforgettable memories,
But the pain could also leave scars for eternity to watch.
Running from pillar to post,
With that wary smile on their face,
With their heart steadily beating,
With the wounds and pain,
They feel jaded off.
With the unpleasant memories,
They became shortsighted,
Seeing only the evil of man,
Reluctantly taking the next steps in their lives,
They want to heal, yes!! they really do,
But the pain lingering has gone too deep.
Emotional destruction,
Psychological degradation,
Mental dysfunction, are the only wealth in their possession.
Religion and morality is now too absurd for them,
And they finally blame God for their agony.
They are patients of pain.
They are offspring of sadness,
They are Victims!!!

The Girl Child must be educated!!!
She must be informed!!!
She must not be discriminated!!!
She is not a sex vessel!!!
She is an epitome of beauty!!!
She is your life!!!
She is not meant for prostitution!!!!!!!!!
  Written by Alawaye Mariam.

Alawaye Mariam is my name and I say YES to the Girl Child Education. 

What do you think ?



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