Sunday, 9 July 2017



She went to the market
Bought the clothes
I know not
But I can see it's expensive...
She went to her tailor
'Sew,' she said
'The trending design in town'.
The tailor got to work.
Days later,
She was back
To collect her clothes.
Gleefully, she danced
As she wore them on
Her slim frame.
I talked not.
But I shook my head...
All heads turn
As she swings her hips
Here and there
Like the Jingle-over-epo -moto
Of days old.
She was gay.
She was a trending girl
Lady she wasn't
For if you call her one
She hurls abusives at you.
Girl she was...
So she has to dress
In rags....
Which is the craze of the day...
I talk not
I see her not.
Cos they say it is freedom
It is modernity
So she can walk the street
Naked like a mad woman....
*It is freedom...*
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He was born
Like a normal child.
Mum, good
Dad, gooder...
They tried to insert into him
The goodest of attributes.
He went to school
Forgot the goody lessons.
They were bondages
They dull him
They were monotonous
They were backward.
He needed freedom.
His friends offered it to him.
He became better
Than his teachers
Smoke from his eyes and nose
Like the first coal engine
He sags like the devil he was
Preachings, his greatest enemy
Home, he deserted.
Girlfriends, are clothes
He dishes and dashes
Yahoo, his brain child
Maga pays, he squanders....
They talk not...
I talk not...
I look at him
I shook my head
They praise him
And say
*It is freedom*
*It is modernity.*

His parents never took
From him a dime
Rather they shouted at him
Yet the fools abused them
Took from him and said
He is a modern boy...
I consoled his parents
You have tried your bestest
Let him be
Cos they had said
*It is modernity*
*It is freedom...*

You saw him
He begged you
To say yes to him.
He loved you, he had said.
Yet you refuse vehemently.
He will break your heart, you said.
Men are fools.
You don't need them, you shouted.
I begged you too...
Yet you cursed me
And they talked not.
Then, you saw her
An innocent young girl
You took to her
And taught her your perverted ways
She will satisfy you
As men won't be able to...
Yet I shouted again
No one listened to me...
They left you and cursed me
They said
*It is freedom*
*It is modernity.*

She will take care of her
In a way no man will ever do
And tne young girl fell to you
And grew up hating men
Spreading your gospel of doom...
Still they said nothing
*It is freedom*
*It is modernity...*

I look at myself
I see the world
I see a lot.
They assault my eyes
So tey...
I have to drop my head
To lower my gaze.
Yet my ears are not safe
And when I raise my head a little
To see for another mile
I see them again...
I am the only shouter
I talk.
At times I talk not...
My talk is as useless
As a spittle in an ocean of dirt.
Hence, I tell them I speak not
But I still speak
And speak I shall.
Till my voice is heard
Above the din
That the world has become...
If they join me not
I shall shout myself hoarse
Till all goes well....
A resolve I had taken
To combat
This madness called freedom
And this craziness called...

Are you interested?
Join me...
Or wait till you hear my voice...
*By* I. A. Y



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