Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Oh you Muslimah

page of a quran

“Every soul shall taste death” (Surah Al Imran 3:185).
Oh you who want to stop listening to music by 2018, 2018 might meet you in the grave
Oh you who plan to start wearing the Islamic Hijab by2018, 2018 might meet you in the grave
Oh you who plan to get married by 2018, 2018 might meet you in the grave
Oh you who is dating right now and not planning to get married, don't you know Allah ta'ala is watching you and the Angels are jotting down everyday
Oh you who is turning a blind eye to the sunnah but focusing on the Western practice, the Angels are recording.
Do you know Why you don't cry when the Qur'an is being recited, it is because your heart have hardened, and you commit sins upon sins,and you commit sins upon sins because you forgot about death, and you forgot about death because you have embraced this dunya(world) which is the mother of all evils.
Oh my Muslim sisters and brothers in Islam, you are so ambitious in this world yet when the night sets in, you don't know if you will see daylight or notOne of you who is reading this message your grave is being dug, and Malaikal maut is on his way, do not waste anymore time because there is no time to waste.
My sister, the way you live that is the way you will die, and the way you die that is the way you will be raised up.
May Allah guide us all. Aameen Now stop imagining . This is going to happen one day with you and me. So
be prepared.
 Good deeds will make your journey and the life of the Hereafter pleasant. Remember death.It is certain. It is so near.
This world is just a short dream..... WAKE UP before ITS TOO LATE!my dear sisters and brothers in Islam : we should all stop bragging, we are nothing but a magot food.
Follow the steps of Prophet Muhammed, HELP THE POOR, spend your money in the cause of Allah and stop ignorance
O Reader! Take moral from here,You never know, your end may be nearChange your living and make amends For heaven, on your deeds depends.verily reminders benefits the believers.
May Peace, Mercy and blessings of Allah beupon you All. As_salaamualaikum warahmotullahi wabarakaatuh.



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