Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Top 6 Things You Didn't Know About Breast Cancer

 Things You dont know About Breast Cancer

We will introduce to you some facts that you may find surprising. Lindsay Avner is the founder of Bright Pink, nonprofit advocacy organization that teaches women about breast and ovarian cancer. She encourages women to take care of their health because she has personal experience with breast cancer and went through double mastectomy at age of 23 after tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation, which increase the risk up to 87%. She has shared some crucial facts about breast things that women must be aware of:
1.Breast cancer is not limited only to the boobs, because the breast tissue expands to the collarbone and deep inside the armpit, so the disease may occur here too. When self-examine, do not forget to check on these areas too. To learn how to self-exam every month, explore Bright Pink recommendation and they can even remind you monthly to do your checks.
2.Lump is the most common sign, but not the only symptom, though 80% of the lumps are benign. But, additional tips are persistent itching, bump on the skin, nipple discharge. Actually, everything unusual or mysterious on your breasts might be a symptom. If it lasts for weeks, you have to see a doctor.
3.A critical lump is one that is solid, immobile, like a marble or frozen pea. That does not mean it is a cancer for sure, but if grows or does not disappear, then you should go to the doctor.
4.Two-thirds of the women diagnosed with breast cancer are older than 55 years, so the risk for younger women is lower, according to the National Cancer Institute. That means age is one of the strongest factors for occurring this disease.
5.Breast cancer does not mean dying. If it is early discovered and treated (in Stage 1) the risk for cure is high, around 98% for 5-year survival. But, if it is treated in Stage III, according to American Cancer Society, the expectation for 5-year survival is 72%. This is a great reason for monthly checks.
6.The gene mutations related to breast cancer are BRCA 1 and BRCA 2, and if those genes are not present in your first degree relatives, it does not mean that you will not get the disease. Thousands of women in a year find out that they are the first women in the family diagnosed. The reasons causing this disease are not known. But you might be cautious with alcohol and your 


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